September 2016 – North American Mycological Society Graduate Student Travel Fellowship

May 2016 – International Society for Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions Student Travel Award

June 2015 – Oak Ridge National Laboratory the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) user facility “Microfluidic environmental control platforms for chemical and transcriptomic analysis of fungal-bacterial interactions” Vilgalys R, Uehling J, Millet L, Labbe J, Doktycz M 

January 2015 – Depart of Energy GO Graduate Fellowship

June 2014 – Seed Grant from Department of Energy Biosciences Division, “Filamentous fungi for biodiesel production using lignocellulosic residuals “ Co-PI Jessy Labbé, Collaborators Wellington Muchero, Timothy Tschaplinski and Rytas Vilgalys

March, August 2014 ­– Duke University Graduate School International Travel Award

March 2014 – Mycological Society of America Backus Award

December 2013 – European Conference for Fungal Genetics student travel grant

September 2013 – Joint Genome Institute Community Sequencing Program, “Comparative genomics of early diverging terrestrial fungi and their bacterial endosymbionts” Collaborator

June 2013 – Fungal Environmental Sampling and Informatics Network research dissemination grant

May 2013 – Duke University Program in Genetics & Genomics summer training travel grant

May 2012- California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology travel grant

May 2012 –  McConkey Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Alistair McCrone Graduate Fellowship Award, Humboldt State University

May 2011 – Gregory Mark Jennings Research Dissemination grant, Humboldt State University

October 2010, October 2011- Humboldt Bay Mycology Society George Verback Memorial Scholarship, Humboldt State University

May 2010 – Institute for Tropical Ecology & Conservation Sarah Glanzer Memorial Fellowship

June 2011 – Friends of the Farlow Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Harvard University

June 2011 – Sonoma County Mycological Society Outstanding Graduate Research Scholarship

December 2010 – Cascade Mycological Society Promising Graduate Student Research Grant