Documenting Fungal Biodiversity in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

We are a group of mycologists and researchers working together to produce an accurate census of the macrofungal species (e.g., mushrooms, polypores, truffles, cup fungi, etc.) that exist in the state of Oregon. We have a shared goal to coordinate professional and amateur mycologists to document, describe, and disseminate knowledge about our Oregonian fungi. Our project is a regional contributor to the North American Mycoflora Project, and involves mycologists from Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Lane Community College, Cascade Mycological Society, Oregon Mycological Society and the North American Truffle Society.

Get involved on iNaturalist!!

iNaturalist is a free, powerful platform accessible by your smart phone or computer that allows you to record your fungal observations. The software enables image based identifications that can then be examined by an online community naturalists, researchers and experts who will help crowdsource consensus IDs. To get started, download the iNaturalist app to your smart phone, create and account and join our project, called “Oregon Mycoflora Project

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