I am fascinated by how fungi interact with other organisms and how these interactions can alter the evolution of molecular and population diversity. Current research efforts include characterizing the intracellular bacteria that live inside of fungi (Fungal microbiome research), understanding molecular and functional diversity within fungal populations (Ganoderma population diversity in the PNW), and elucidating how fungi that originate environmentally come to infect mammals (Human fungal pathogen evolution). Together with my lab group, I use evolutionary genomics, molecular biology, and computational approaches to probe how fungal symbioses are established and maintained over time. You can read more about my lab group at our website.

Fungal Microbiome Research

Mortierella elongata growing in a microfluidic chamber. Efforts aimed at developing novel imaging technologies to better understand fungal interactions and development.

Fungal population diversity in the PNW

Ganoderma fruiting on side of Pseudotsuga menzeisii log in PNW

Endosymbiont influence on Mucoromycosis disease ecology

Zygosporangium morphology in a scanning electron micrograph. Efforts aimed at understanding how the fungal microbiome influence virulence in opportunistic human fungal pathogens

Tropical Plant-Fungal Interactions

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.35.16 AM.png


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