Teaching experience

  • Mycology, Instructor of Record, Duke University, Fall 2016
  • Botany Teaching Assistant, Humboldt State University, Fall 2012
  • Field Fungal Biology Workshops, Guyana, Cameroon
  • Mentoring numerous undergraduate and graduate students, references available on request.

My teaching philosophy results from my past interactions with students in several diverse settings, see photos below!

Guyanese students survey fresh fungal diversity


Giving a lecture on fungal biology to Cameroonian students, September 2017
Duke Mycology Fall 2016









Professional development

I am committed to being a life long learner and constantly contributing to that process. For instance, as a masters student I took a course on effective visual and auditory presentation formatting. As a PhD student I am participating in the Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) and a workshop that facilitates constructive feedback based on observations by visiting graduate students. The observation & feedback program, called Teach Triangles, involves graduate student instructors from various disciplines who attend and critique each others teaching environments to obtain diverse, outside opinions on and strategies for successful application of teaching strategies. To build relationships with my colleagues and stay up to date with current research I maintain a presence on professional social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Research Gate, ScoopIt and Twitter. Additionally, I had the chance to lead and communicate with many diverse personality types when I helped initiate and later chaired the Mycological Society of America Student Section. I plan to continue these efforts to develop myself professionally and become an engaging instructor and mentor for my future students.