Current course offerings:

Mycology, Botany 461/561, Oregon State University

Broad taxonomic survey of fungal diversity and biology. Examines fungal life histories, evolution, systematics, research techniques, genetics, and ethnomycology. Introduces approaches to mycology in the field, including collection and preparation of specimens.



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Mycology Fall 2023 starts πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„

Population Genomics, Biological Data Sciences 477/577, Oregon State University

Enables translation of fundamental knowledge in genetics and genomics to the study of evolution and gene function in populations. Applies skills in computational biology to process, analyze, and draw conclusions from genomic datasets at the population and ecosystem level

Previous courses offerings:

Mycology, Duke University, Fall 2016

Botany 105 Teaching Assistant, Humboldt State University, Fall 2012

Field Fungal Biology Workshops, United States, Guyana, Cameroon

Mentoring several undergraduate and graduate students, references available on request.

Teaching philosophy

I believe that becoming an excellent educator means a lifelong commitment to learning and improving. In addition to my extensive teaching and public speaking experience, I hold a Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) from Duke University which included in observation, evaluation and feedback on  of in-classroom effectivity. I have worked to incorporate videos and digital activities developed during the COVID-19 era teaching into the modern flipped classroom to create more time for hands on research activities and real world learning experiences. Utilizing apps like iNaturalist and making asynchronous digital materials available to reinforce in person learning has increased inclusivity and fungal biological knowledge retention. I have over 10 years of experiences teaching to students of all ages in diverse settings from labs and classrooms to my favorite place for learning – the forest.