Teaching experience

  • Mycology, Instructor of Record, Duke University, Fall 2016
  • Botany Teaching Assistant, Humboldt State University, Fall 2012
  • Field Fungal Biology Workshops, United States, Guyana, Cameroon
  • Mentoring several undergraduate and graduate students, references available on request

My teaching philosophy results from my past interactions with students in several diverse settings, see photos below!

The next generation of mycologists learning Fungal Biology at NC Forest Days, Durham, NC, November 2013
Guyanese students survey fresh fungal diversity, Iwokrama, Guyana, May 2011


Giving a lecture on fungal biology to Cameroonian students, Dja Forest Reserve, Cameroon, September 2017
Duke Mycology Fall 2016









Professional development

I am committed life long learning and active engagement in professional development. I have formal training in effective visual and auditory presentation formatting. I hold a Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) from Duke University which includes extensive evaluation and feedback on effective in-classroom teaching techniques. To build  stay up to date with current research I maintain a presence on LinkedIn, Research Gate, ScoopIt and Twitter. Additionally, I had the chance to lead and communicate with many diverse personality types when I helped initiate and later chaired the Mycological Society of America Student Section. I plan to continue these efforts to develop myself professionally and become an engaging instructor and mentor for my future students.