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JKU@DUKE.EDU 919.660.7369


Ph.D. (Genetics & Genomics) Duke University 2017
M.Sc. (Mycology) Humboldt State University 2012
B.S. (Botany) Humboldt State University 2010




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16.) Henkel TW, Aime MC, Uehling JK, Smith ME. 2011a. New species and distribution records for Clavulina (Cantharellales, Basidiomycota) from the Guiana Shield. Mycologia 103(4):883-889. doi: 10.3852/10-355. PDF



NASA Astrobiology Science Conference Student Travel Award


International Society for Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions Student Travel Award

North American Mycological Association Student Travel Award


Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory Go! Graduate fellowship

Oak Ridge National Laboratory the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences (CNMS) user facility “Microfluidic environmental control platforms for chemical and transcriptomic analysis of fungal-bacterial interactions” Vilgalys R, Uehling J, Millet L, Labbe J, Doktycz M.


Seed Grant from Department of Energy Biosciences Division “Filamentous fungi for biodiesel production using lignocellulosic residuals “ Co-PI Jessy Labbé, Collaborators Wellington Muchero, Timothy Tschaplinski and Rytas Vilgalys.

Duke University Graduate School International Travel Award

Mycological Society of America Backus Award


European Conference for Fungal Genetics student travel grant

Fungal Environmental Sampling and Informatics Network research dissemination grant

Duke University Genetics & Genomics summer training travel grant


California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology travel grant

McConkey Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Alistair McCrone Graduate Fellowship Award, Gregory Mark Jennings Research Dissemination grant, Humboldt State University

Humboldt Bay Mycology Society George Verback Memorial Scholarship


Friends of the Farlow Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Harvard University

Sonoma County Mycological Society Outstanding Graduate Research Scholarship


Cascade Mycological Society Promising Graduate Student Research Grant

Institute for Tropical Ecology & Conservation Sarah Glanzer Memorial Fellowship


Unix         Perl           R        Python



Mycology Instructor of Record 3 hours lecture + laboratory, twice per week Fall 2016.

Teaching assistant at Triangle Science Tweet Up Mushroom Identification in Duke Forest, 2013.

Instructor at the Fungal Biology teaching station during North Carolina elementary schools’ Forest days, 2013-2014.

Teaching assistant at fungal biology workshop at Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve, Guyana 2011.

Introductory Botany teaching assistant, Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA 2010.

Botany 105 laboratory assistant technician, Humboldt State University, Arcata CA, 2009-2010.


Bacterial Fungal Interactions at the European Fungal Genetics Conference in Paris, France. Co-organizers: Greg Bonito (MI State), Jessy Labbe (DOE-ORNL), Aurelie Deveau (INRA-Nancy, FR) 2016.

Mycological Society of America Program committee 2015-2016


Mycological Society of America Student Section Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary 2012-2016.

Duke Graduate and Professional Student Council general assembly representative for the University program in genetics & genomics 2013-2014.

NSF STEM graduate challenge collaborative team leader,” Engaging graduate students in professional societies via technology & social media using a self-perpetuating travel-trade model: a case study” 2013.



Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
BMC Microbiology
New Phytologist


Department of Energy Populus microbiome project, Plant Microbe Interfaces & Zygomycete genome sequencing project “ZyGoLife” NSF DEB1441715. 2016-2017.

Alternative energy sources derived from fungi project “Filamentous fungi for biodiesel production using lignocellulosic residuals” Department of Energy SEED Grant 2015-2016.

Department of Energy Populus microbiome project Plant Microbe Interfaces 2014-2015.

Ectomycorrhizal fungi in Guyana project, NSF DEB0918591 2011-2012.


Advanced Bacterial Genetics Course, Proteomics Course, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 2013, 2014.

Plant Systems Biology group internships at the Environmental Sciences Division, Department of Energy Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Funded by GO Fellowship & CNMS grants, 2014-2015.


New Haven CT
Blacksburg VA
Lufkin TX
Durham NC
Riggins ID

Mt. Ayanganna, Guyana
Mabura, Guyana
Pagaima Savanah, Guyana
Potaro River Basin, Guyana
Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation (ITEC) Bocas del Toro, Panama


“American Pecan Truffle May Be Coming to a Plate Near You, By Way of Extremely Cute Courier” Scientific American Blog. Coverage of educational short film available on youtube, 2013.